Medium Carbon Steel
Medium carbon steel is having carbon content in the range 0.25% to 0.65%. It can be heat treated to have a good balance of ductility and strength. These steels are typically used in large parts, forgings, machined components, bolts, rods, crankshafts, and tubing in the automotive industry. TKES has started offering Grade C55 in medium carbon rage of steel.

High Carbon Steel
High carbon steel is a metal alloy containing higher amounts of carbon. The amount of carbon in high carbon steel can be in range of 0.66% to 1.25%. This high grade steel coil can be used to make major automotive parts and tools that need to be very hard and highly wear resistant. Main applications of high carbon steel are in making automotive parts, tools, cutter blade etc. TKES has started offering Grade C80 in high carbon steel range.