High Permeability Semi Processed

PowerCore® Non Grain Oriented Semi Processed High Permeability Steel has been developed for the first  time in the country by TKES India with technological know-how provided by ThyssenKrupp. They are called “PowerCore® PP Grades” and designated by suffix “PP”.

Magnetic properties in all directions are significant for PowerCore® PP grades. PowerCore® PP grades optimize two related characteristics of various electrical steels which are important for the designer: the low core loss of high alloyed grades and the high magnetic polarization of low alloyed grades. A strongly developed texture provides especially good longitudinal and transverse magnetic properties.

PowerCore® PP grades are supplied in predecarburized condition with anti stick weldable insulation coating. PowerCore® PP grades develop final magnetic properties after Stress Relief Annealing of laminations and decarburization annealing is avoided.

PowerCore® PP grades offers better punchability over standard semi processed grades even on alloy steel tools due to lower Yield Strength to Tensile Strength ratio and insulation coating. PowerCore® PP grades are ideal choice for energy efficient motors and motors for home appliances working at medium field strength.