High Permeability Fully Processed

PowerCore® Non Grain Oriented Fully Processed High Permeability Steel has been developed for the first time in the country by TKES India with technological know-how provided by ThyssenKrupp, Germany. They are called "PowerCore® AP Grades" and designated by suffix "AP".

Magnetic properties in all directions are significant for PowerCore® AP grades. We achieve this by means of a special manufacturing technology which results in an advantageous isotropic texture in all directions in the plane of the sheet. At medium field strength PowerCore AP grades can be more readily magnetized resulting into increased magnetic polarization value (Permeability).

PowerCore® AP grades offer decisive advantages especially for higher field strength, mini motors in the field of application up to 200 Hz and medium sized motors for which a good heat conductivity of the steel sheet important. For ballasts, these grades enable a higher rated working induction.

In general, PowerCore® AP grades help in improving energy efficiency, downsizing and reduce the overall cost of electrical equipment due to reduced consumption of Copper as well as Steel.