Conventional Semi Processed

TKES India was the first company in India to develop Non Grain Oriented Semi Processed Steel confirming to national and international standards. We also offer ageing free predecarburized PowerCore®grades enabling our customers to avoid decarburizing of lamination thereby use of expensive and explosive Hydrogen gas.

Our vast range of NGO SP steel is ideally suitable for motors 20HP or below. In PowerCore® Non Grain Oriented Semi Processed Steel, the magnetic properties are fully developed only after the Decarburization and Annealing of laminations. Magnetic properties are indicated in the test certificates, based upon annealing of Epstein samples according to the process conditions specified in IEC specifications (IEC 60404-8-2 & IEC 60404-8-3). Typical magnetic properties vastly out performs the national and international standards.

PowerCore® Non Grain Oriented Semi Processed Steel is supplied in uncoated condition with high matt finish to avoid lamination sticking in annealing.