The C6W coating, polycrylo nitrile resin in chromate base equivalent to C5 of AISI, provides good surface resistivity both before and after stress relief annealing. Presences of organic part ensures improved punch and die life during stamping operations. During annealing, the organic part of the coating volatilizes but inorganic part remains to provide an adherent film with a high level of surface resistivity. No significant flaking occurs at the punched edges of laminations. Significant punchability improvement (min 2 times of bare steel) and adequate surface insulation resistance despite low coating thickness are obtained with this type of coatings.

Used for refrigerator motors, small to large sized motor. C6WL coatings are useful for small and medium sized motors where high temperature resistance and weldability are required.

Parameter Value
Colour1 Apple Green
Average Coating Thickness µm 0.6 ± 0.3
Stacking Factor3 >97.5
Typical Average Insulation Resistivity4 In Amps 0.56
Weldable Yes
Pencil Hardness 8H
Punchability5 2.0 X
Corrosion Resistance Satisfactory
Resistant To Organic Solvents Oil & Lubricant Oil Resist
Resistant To Freon Gas Resist

  • 1 Colour deviation is possible without effect on coating properties.
  • 2 Coating thickness is checked by Fischer Deltascope Coating Thickness Tester.
  • 3 Stacking factor is checked in accordance, with IS 649: 1997.
  • 4 Insulation resistivity is checked in accordance, with IS 649 : 1997.
  • 5 X - Punchability of Bare Steel.