The C6A coating, water soluble modified phenolic resin equivalent to C6 of AISI, provides ridge free thick coating and therefore increases surface insulation resistivity. Inorganic fillers are added to increase the insulating ability of the coating. It has good punchability & withstands high temperature “ burn off“ treatments used during rebuilding of motors. This coating exhibits low shrinkage (compressibility) and has excellent thermal coefficient of expansion due to high pigment concentration. This coating cannot with stand stress relieve annealing.

Suitable for large and medium sized motors, H2 cooled generators & large turbo generators. Ideal for magnetic cores of contactors and high frequency application because of it's capability to withstand vibration.

Parameter Value
Colour1 Grey
Average Coating Thickness µm 4.0±1.0 6.0±1.0 7.0 ± 1.0
Stacking Factor3 >95.5 >95.0 >95.0
Typical Average Insulation Resistivity4 In Amps 0.08 0.066 0.066
Weldable No No No
Pencil Hardness 8H 8H 8H
Punchability5 1.5 X 1.5 X 1.5 X
Corrosion Resistance Very Good Very Good Very Good
Resistant To Organic Solvents Oil & Lubricant Oil Resist Resist Resist
Resistant To Freon Gas -- -- --

  • 1 Colour deviation is possible without effect on coating properties.
  • 2 Coating thickness is checked by Fischer Deltascope Coating Thickness Tester.
  • 3 Stacking factor is checked in accordance, with IS 649: 1997.
  • 4 Insulation resistivity is checked in accordance, with IS 649 : 1997.
  • 5 X - Punchability of Bare Steel.